Ok, it’s rant time.

First, let me say, “Thank God for the internet.” Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m a nerd. When I’m bored, I get on the computer and research interesting things. I’ve always been that weird type of kid in the pursuit of knowledge. I’m one of the few people that actually like learning things, and don’t want to just memorize them for a while to get by in school and then shake my head free of them. No, I don’t have many friends T.T Shut up. (Actually, I do have friends and I do have a life hahaha. I’m just being melodramatic).

Anyway, back to that knowledge stuff. I’m going to give a brief insight into how my mind works before jumping to the point of this blog post. I was having lunch and watching t.v. when something was mentioned about Nostradamus and his 2012 prophecies. I was curious, so I started looking into his prophecies. There wasn’t much to be found, and I’m still skeptical about his prophecies, which led me to researching the mayan 2012 prophecies. Again, I’m skeptical. I did find something, though, that might explain the mayan prophecies. Apparently there is going to be a phenomenon on December 21 of this year (it also ends the current age, by the way) when the sun, and the earth during its winter solstice will line up with the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy, where -drum roll- a supermassive black hole is thought to be located. This brings me to the point of this blog post.

Let me begin by saying that space scares the shit out of me. I understand close to dick about space. It’s large, daunting, and just…..my god, it’s just there. What the fuck is it, anyway?!?! How did it come to be?! Why aren’t there any answers to these most important of questions? O_O

Anyway, I didn’t know what a black hole is (apparently it’s when a very large massed star dies and becomes an area of space with so much concentrated mass in it that nothing can escape its gravitational pull). If you got sucked into a black hole, you would be ripped apart by the gravitational pull. -shudder- There’s that creepy ass space thing again. 

Well, lucky for us the sun will never become a black hole. It’s not large enough. However, it will become a Red Giant Star, englulfing Mars and Venus and making life on earth a living hell (boiling oceans, atmosphere escaping), and will finally end its life as a boring White Dwarf Star.

This whole research thing today got me thinking about space…

I mean, the universe is limitless. If I might make a Journey reference, it goes on and on and on. Earth seems so big, and yet you come off of earth and you have our solar system….then the milkey way….then…..dun dun dun, the universe. And it’s just there. We don’t know what else is out there. Certainly not oxygen. It simply amazes me that things came together so perfectly on earth, and billions of people are clinging to life by that one molecule: oxygen. Maybe there is life somewhere else out there in the universe. I wonder how it evolved and what kind of advancements it has made. There could be so much more out there that we don’t entirely know about.

Then there’s gravity. Gravitation is concentrated around objects with large masses (planets, for example). So the earth has gravity, and the moon orbits the earth due to its gravitational pull, and the earth orbits the sun due to its gravitational pull. But there isn’t any gravity in space….we’re just on these planets that are bobbing around in this big black void we’re in. It’s scary, man. What if someone turned on the gravity in space (considering that’s possible) and we just fell and fell forever and ever. Where would we end up? What if the universe is just some big ass snowglobe that something bigger than all of this has and it’s just playing with us, kind of like the Sims. And what if it gets bored of us someday? And what if we’re not even real? What if we’re just projections in the mind of something greater than all of us?

I really like the idea of parallel universes, but it really is a big mind fuck theory in the quantum mechanics branch of physics. As if the universe we live in isn’t big and confusing enough, there could be billions of other universes existing parallel to our own with ever possible outcome of every possible situation existing together simultaneously. NO. I won’t think about it. Then, there’s this really interesting, but mindfuckish video on youtube called Imagining the Tenth Dimension. You find out that the tenth dimension is just a point, with all of the universes and all of their possible outcomes branching off all housed within it.

I can’t go on. If there is a higher being, there must be some reason why it didn’t give us the mental capacity to find answers to these questions. We might not like what we see if the curtain of the universe were drawn back.